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Please submit an application to be placed on the waitlist

The current waitlist for Orinda residents is very short (under 20 people) and the non-Orinda resident list exceeds 260.  Historically, we turnover ~ 60-70 memberships per season.  

Applications are fulfilled in order of receipt and when a membership becomes available.

** 2024 membership transfers have been completed **

  • You will be contacted when a membership becomes available.
  • Your application is placed on our waitlist in order of priority received.  
  • Orinda residents are given priority if total membership is less than 50% Orinda residents.
  • Applications will be carried over to the next season; your application is active until a membership is offered.
  • Your application is valid until you are offered a membership.  If you decline, you will need to submit another application.
  • We are a limited capacity pool, and can only offer a membership when available (a current member relinquishes).


OPP has a one-time Initiation Fee of $1800.

When you terminate your membership, $900 will be returned to you as long as you are a member in good standing, but the remaining $900 is non-refundable.  

2024 Annual Membership Dues:  $2,050   

* Senior discount to members age 65+: $1,313

A membership includes dependents who are legally residing in member's household.  For a senior membership, the membership is to be held in the name of the individual that is age 65+.

Payment is due in full every year by February 1st.  Dues are non-refundable.  Members who join after February 1st must be prepared to pay Annual Dues and the Initiation Fee in full.  Your membership is yours until you terminate.  Formal notice must be submitted to relinquish your membership.

To submit a membership application please click HERE  


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